Funding your Startup


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Progress Update

Hey guys just thought we should give you a bit of an update on the team and the app. So after a whirlwind of successes, failures, trials and tribulations we are getting some pretty decent progress. Our stud programmer Stephen and our pseudo-coder Iyed have been hard at work churning out the lines of code and killing the costly bugs familiar to any developer.

With working to build Project SpeakMe which is tentatively being called Alfred(after the awesome Batman butler to the Wayne family) is coming along nicely. The Twitter plugin for the app will currently allow users to have their Twitter feeds read to them and can respond, reply or favor them hands free with the power of speech. Simultaneous to this the team is creating a hands free news and sports reader plugin for commuters fed up with talk radio and the ever awful Top 40.

Atlanta Tech Village


The biggest struggle we are currently facing is the unfortunate lack of funds and credible coders. Having failed miserably to motivate pro bono Android developers we now know we need a small amount of seed funding to accelerate the progress and help the people take control of their smartphones.

Today we spent the afternoon visiting the Atlanta Tech Village and are in the process of considering pursuing the alluring Student Fund for collegiate entrepreneurs. With this our team would receive the guidance and support of David Cummings and the Atlanta Ventures community in addition to a $10k round of risk free funding to fuel our endeavors. As we ponder our options I will attempt to keep everyone up to date with our first true venture into the Wild West of business.

We would love to hear your stories or opinions about raising capital in the comments section. Our goal is to bootstrap as much as possible but we really want to get out product out to the users as quickly as possible.


Screw your Priorities


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Take a second to consider the most common excuse you hear or reason you are given why something cannot be done. TIME. Perhaps it is in fact you that repeatedly offer up this weak excuse for a reason.

There is no such thing as not having enough time to do something. Every human being is given the same 24 hours to work with. Some of us accomplish great works or art or build successful businesses while others watch American Idol and MTV. What is the only difference between these two people? Their priorities. People will always choose to do what they prioritize higher.

Words are meaningless. Your actions truly do speak louder than words because they are the essence of you and your priorities. Do you put others needs above those of your own? Do you waste time watching TV when you could be building your business? If your actions don’t line up with your supposed priorities that should tell you what you truly care about and exact what to change.



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In recent years it seems more and more that smartphones have reached the pinnacle of perfection. But what if this was only the beginning? What if you could completely eliminating the need for a touch screen and control your phone solely through speech.

SpeakMe helps users reach this admirable goal by bringing the power of speech to new heights. Imagine a safe way to use you phone while driving or the ability to uses your phone without sight. SpeakMe is a revolutionary app that allows individuals to access their favorite apps and websites without the touch of a button.

Turn your favorite blog into an audio blog posts, listen to the latest news on CNN, hear the ESPN breaking stories or just verbally compose an awesome Tweet. Siri can step aside for the gamechanging new name in speech control. So what do you say?

If you are interested in getting more information on entrepreneurship or you are curious in getting more info about about legendary new SpeakMe app subscribe! I will do my best not to be lame and just be awesome instead!

Barney Stinson

The Startup Pivot


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The beauty, the true power of startups lies in their abilities to break all the rules. A startup is not some massive corporate entity with a reputation. Their are no stock prices or shareholders to worry about. Without the constraints and rules of the real world entrepreneurs are able to change the game and play the field as they fit.

Because small scale startups are have such little mass and momentum, pivoting or changing direction is not a problem. Without massive corporate structures and a huge employee base to support, startups can change the entire equation and dynamic of their path without a problem.

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Long Break

Hey guys sorry it has been so long. I just wanted to give you a short update on why I have been so reticent in posting lately. I will try to do a better job keeping this blog up to date.

The past few weeks have been nuts. Leaving Germany and all the friends I made there to return to the States. I gotta say I definitely missed my family at that point and am glad to be home. But before I got to go home, it was off to New York for my family’s annual holiday in New York with our relatives(as you know most of my cousins live in NY).

This Christmas was amazing. We had a family reunion on my dad’s side to celebrate my grandma(Ama’s) 90th birthday. The outpouring of love and friends who came to her surprise party was truly inspirational. If you do anything in life, make sure you make an impact on others.

After amazing times shooting guns, playing laser tag, and rocking the family card games I was finally able to return home nearly 8 months after leaving. We had a new car, my dog was on anxiety meds, and my room was totally transformed. What had happened? Remember the world waits for no one so take advantage of every day.

During all this time and for about a month before leaving Germany I have been working on my online RC Boats business. is a personal project of mine to gain important skills as businessman, ecommerce entrepreneur, and web developer. I hope to parlay this into a possible position with TechStars as an Associate following my graduation this May.

Sorry about the lame style of the post but well shit happens right, there is my last two months.

Fake British Accents


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For any of you that do not know, I spent this past weekend in London. First of all, London was amazing. I highly recommend visiting if you have the opportunity. Beautiful sights, great culture, and most importantly THE ACCENT! Every one of you knows what I mean, don’t be shy. British accents are a thing of beauty.

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The Big Difference Between Business and Sports


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There are so many similarities when one compares the areas of entrepreneurship and sports. The team aspects, giving your best, challenging competition…the list goes on and on. And I for one firmly believe that athletics and leadership in one’s youth is extremely beneficial to your future career as an entrepreneur.

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Learn Something New While Doing Mindless Shit


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I have been wanting to learn more about business but am pretty busy at the moment. Because of this I have been doing pretty much just what the title says. For those of you new to the blog who don’t know my story, I am currently interning at Airbus in Germany. It is here that I discovered the beauty of the podcast.

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American Business vs Sports: Capitalism and Socialism

The philosophy of sports in America does not match with our economic policy.

Sports and the Economy

This may seem like a bold and counter-intuitive statement but it is absolutely correct. Capitalism at its core has no regulating agency. It is a free-for-all on talent and ideas where only certain businesses succeed. Rarely, does the government choose winners and losers or try to level the playing field.

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