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So who exactly are the people behind Vespyr Sports?

Hey guys, I’m Matt and I am senior mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech. I enjoys both playing and watching most sports. I am a die hard Syracuse fan, originally from New York. Three weeks ago I went with two friends from Syracuse to the Final Four here in Atlanta. This was an amazing experience am I very thankful for.

NCAA Basketball Final Four

In addition to sports, I love languages. Right now I am studying French and German and plan to become fluent in both. This summer I have a internship position with Airbus in Hamburg, Germany. I have never traveled out of the country, except Canada, which doesn’t really count anyway. If people are interested I can post about some of my experiences in Europe living in a new culture.

Get ready to know more about the second member of our team: Iyed.

2003 Basketball National Championship

2003 Basketball National Championship