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Guys, if you have been following our blog so far, we have talked quite a bit about the making of VespyrSports. I can only imagine two real reasons you would be following us at this point. Either, your interested in a revolutionary new sports app to help you help meet other with your interests…Or your interested in starting a business yourself.


If your looking to start a business, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is going to play a huge role.

This is 2013 after all. People find you online, and its is something I myself am currently learning to do.

Kyle Porter, @b2bkyle, founder of SalesLoft, blog here, told @VespyrTeam about Rand Fishkin, the modern king of SEO. Rand, the owner of SEOMoz outlines several strategies in the video. If you guys don’t want to watch the whole thing, here is the SparkNotes Version:

  • Make sure all your citations are correct to your physical company address
  • Quantity > Quality for reviews
  • Having video snippets with thumbnails boosts click through
  • Submit a video xml site map and Google will love you
  • Check out rel=author for credibility

That all for now.

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