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A lot of people have been wondering the process that goes into creating a app. Hopefully you guys can learn from our mistakes and failures. Initially the concept for Vespyr was much too broad. Business mentors told us to focus down to a niche, try to get a solid base of users. After long debates with said mentors, the team decided to follow their advice. Focus on sports! Make it great!

So sports, how do you make pickup sports better? What do people want? Well we asked. They answered. Pickup games are hard to find. Plenty of people play less popular sports, rugby and cricket for instance. To find people who play the sports you love you need something better, people don’t happen to walk to past a rugby game every day.

Rugby Sports Game

Vespyr Sports: Rugby Style

VespyrSports App takes the guess work out of playing your favorite sport. Any time, any place, just see sports going on near you or broadcast what you want to do to the world. Play Sports. Meet New People. Make New Friends. Do Cool Stuff! @VespyrTeam