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So why do three seemingly random guys decide to join forces to make a sports app?

I had been working on my senior design project this semester at Tech and our team needed to brainstorm possible products to prototype. We thought of many great ideas such as a autonomous snow blower, a wheel chair which could go up and down stairs, a collapsible bike and a better car breathalyzer. All of this think, and the business lectures given in class kindled an entrepreneurial fire in me. I had never been enthralled with idea of becoming a slave to a large company, I like my independence.


Now a rewind. So prior to these relevations I had been studying French. I needed someone to practice with and met Iyed, some random guy on my hall at school. Well this random guy was fluent in French and we actually had a lot of things in common: a love for sports, a competitive drive, and strangely enough the desire to start a business.

One thing led to another and after brainstorming possible ideas for an app, settled on a “ingenious”(turns out not so ingenious) app idea. Tune in next time for Part 2 of becoming VespyrSports Co-Founders. Don’t forget to check out our Twitter @VespyrTeam and sign up to get the app first at our landing page