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Hey all! I’m Stephen and am the third and final member of the VespyrSports co-founder team. Here are the first two members in case you missed those posts, one and two.

I have been interested in programming since I was about 12 when I started Lego Robotics programming and continued learning other languages from there.  I was born in Virginia, but I moved to Idaho when I was 8. It was an interesting place to live, and it is where I learned to ski and snowboard. By high school, I moved to Oak Ridge, TN, which is commonly known as the Secret City. This is a place that from the beginning has been really interested in science and technology, and it is where I diversified my interests and started my first company. I also worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory at the Spallation Neutron Source and had a blast there!

On my free time, I like to play video games and participate in outdoor events. I love to play casual games of Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, or whatever else may be going on. I also like to hike, fish, and camp in the most secluded of places. Finally, I pursue several side projects involving hobby robotics, Android apps, and website development.

I am a Computer Science major at Georgia Tech, where I am specializing in devices and artificial intelligence (Robotics). I also have a co-op in Austin, TX with National Instruments. InVespyr, I am primarily in charge of technical asset acquisition and development, and I love it!

Thanks guys. Follow us @VespyrTeam and sign up to play some sports