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There are numerous ad networks, as you know from last post. This can be very advantageous for your as the entrepreneur. This post will show you how to exploit this. As a side note, we at Vespyr plan to utilize this same approach when we decided to monetize our sports app.

Typical CPM with Any Ad Network

Just as prices for other commodities fluctuates, so too does the CPM companies pay. An example CPM graph over time is show above. But wait, we just said there are lots of ad networks right? If you play the stock market right you can win big, but with advertising, as long as your smart you can win every time. Below is an example of the price fluctuates for three random companies.

Advertising CPM Cost Fluctuations

As you can see each network has different peaks and valleys. Now you need to just choose the right ad agency and you can maximize your advertising profits. This is called mediating networks. Choosing the right network at the right time to earn the most. This can be accomplished with Google’s open source program AdWhirl which allows real time mediation, coded directly into the app. What entrepreneur would not prefer the graph below to the previous one?

Mediated Mobile App Advertising CPM

AdWhirl give the user full control of their ad revenue. Now to close out today segment on monetizing your, here is a great tutorial for the AdWhirl software to get you started.