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So the logical question to ask yourself after you have created a legitimate, successful phone app with numerous users is what is next. Well, as well all know, humans are fickle creatures. What was boring yesterday, and awesome today, can be old tomorrow. The usual user graph for most mobile apps looks similar to this.

Mobile App Adoption Rate

As you can see, most startup apps take some time to build a user base, peak at a maximum popularity and then decrease so only the core dedicated users remain. There are of course exceptions to the rule. But trying to be the exception is an exceptional way to fail. Generally, success is iterative. People in power stay in power, successful mobile app companies produce repeat winners. But how?

In house advertising is sort of a success feedback loop. For example, lets say your business built a great app, lets called it App A. And slowly built up a following on both Android and iPhone. Well, by winning this following you have actually won much more. Let me explain. These users now trust you. You have made a great product in the past and consumers are confident you will do so again. If they made another Batman movie with Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale and it was the worst shit ever made, you would still go see. That is brand loyalty. Your startup has built your brand, now use that to your advantage.

The Dark KnightSo if you are smart, you know the app adoption cycle and decided to build another app once the first was completed. You could struggle with acquiring users again, or could let success breed more success. In house advertising is using ad space in App A to advertise your new App B. Your current, loyal user are much more likely to download your second app and this will lead to higher ranking in the app store, and even more success. Mobile Advertising for Startup Success

Accelerate the growth of app B by utilizing the resources at hand. And of course, this strategy is repeatable and will work just as well for App C, D….etc. If you get to this point, you ought to have a wildly successful app company or you may be doing something incorrect.

Thanks for reading. Hope these ad strategies help your start a business and dominate the competition.