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Hey guys I just wanted to give you an update on me, and what I have been up to lately. Well as some of you know, for over a week now I have been out of the country. That is right, for the last 11 days I have been living in Deutschland.

But this is not a travelers blog. So I will get right to the point. I would like to share my experiences and lessons for you and how this all applies to entrepreneurship.

Lesson 1) Get Outside your Comfort Zone

You never really know what you are made of, and what you truly can accomplish until you challenge yourself. Your comfort, or daily routine you have hold you back from becoming as great as you can be.

(As a side note, I actually did something similar to this two weeks ago on vacation in the States, I’m scared of heights so it scared the SHIT out of me)

For me, this entire trip has been outside of my usual life. Living in a new country, speaking a new language, interacting with others in new and unique ways… Thankfully I studied German for 2 semesters at Georgia Tech before coming to Germany. You would be amazed how many people speak no, or practically no English. I have had to learn new ways to express what I am trying to saying. These challenges force me to truly consider how easy life was in the USA for me.

Lesson 2) Be Thankful for What you Have

Building off the last point, the happiest people in this world accept their world the way it is. Because communication, transportation, food, everything in the States was something I was used to, I never appreciated how good it was. So far I have been able to only Skype with my family once. Finding internet, setting a good time, all of these issues arise which I never encountered at home. When I wished to be with my family, we hung out, it was as simple as that.

You don’t really know what ya got til it’s gone

The take away point from how this applies to starting a business is that times will be tough, no doubt about it. Building a business taxes the hell out of someone. By being thankful (but not content!) with what you have, you can see the positive in a situation as opposed to the negatives and be more successful.

Lesson 3) Travel

This point relates back to the previous two point but brings about other important entrepreneurial benefits. Different countries have different people and different cultures. Odds are someone else’s way of doing something will be different than your own. In German I have experienced foldable bikes, successful bike sharing systems, efficient public transit, numerous contract-free phones, hotels that charge for wifi, and pay per use toilets just to name a few.

Entrepreneurial Genius?

All of these are unique ways of accomplishing tasks I had never experienced before. I can honestly say I have thought of several different potential business applications of these ideas back home. So seriously, go explore the world….Plus it’s FUN!

Next time I will share a bit more of my adventure and the useful lessons I have learned. Auf Wiedersehen.

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