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Some of you freaked out when you read that title, just admit it. In today’s day and age we are part of a global community and economy. People from all corners of the world can connect and share information real time. Videos of the recent protests in Turkey and Brazil hit the web instantly via phone camera.



  • 250 million people check in on Facebook at least once
  • 200 million tweets are posted
  • 250 years of video are uploaded to Youtube

The vast amount of information uploaded and continuous connectedness is mind boggling to consider.

Well in the name of science(actually not having a functioning phone) I set off into the abyss. The first two weeks of my time in Germany, I have not had a functioning cell phone. The cheap used iPhone 3g has been used as the best watch/camera ever conceived. This has been quite interesting experience for me. No phone calls interrupting my thought and free from the tyranny of texting I have had time to contemplate other important things.

Questions like:

  • What do I want to do with my life?
  • Where do I want to live?
  • Do I really want to be an engineer?

Things we all really need to thing about that I had been putting off, or too distracted to consider I now had the peace of mind to contemplate.

This the only benefit of living with less technology however. By not constantly using me phone to text(we all know the phone zombies who walk into things while texting) I have been able to been observe my surroundings. I can much better appreciate the true beauty of Hamburg and its unique architecture. Not only this, the people as well. Technology often times prevents us from socializing. Without a cell phone I am less distracted when speaking to others and more engaged in conversations.

Technology Concentration

Technology has so many benefits, but I would challenge you all to try to spend some time without it. You will be astonished at your increased productivity and focus and probably think about some important things you have been putting off.

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