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Let us face it. Facebook pretty much rules the world of social media and online interactions. This being said, there are numerous flaws, and gaping holes in their current Event System.

Facebook Fail

1) Events Must be Pre-Planned

Facebook does not allow for spontaneous events or gathering. Setting up a reasonably successful event on Facebook takes several days of advance notice to allow users to RSVP.

Vespyr‘s sport app, 8 Blocks, doesn’t not have this limitation however. Randomly want to play some hoops? Make an event now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now.

2) Only Friends can be Invited

Sure the option exists to make an event public, but people do not search out for events. Therefore, the pool of people to draw from is very limited and prevents a wider audience from joining in.

We think events, and really sports are fun, regardless of who is playing. So invite the world, and your close friends to that basketball game you just made. Its time to play ball.

3) Categories and Preferences

Not that anyone ever really searches for events via Facebook, but if they try it is a nightmare. There is no way to sort through all the rubbish. If you just want to play basketball, why do you care what other events are going on today.

Quidditch Sport

Because of this, we decided to incorporate preferences. Now if you like basketball or soccer or even Quidditch, just choose that. Now you can have customized searches and results tailored to you.

4) Only Supports Passive Notifications

When walking down the street, Facebook does not notify me that I just passed an enormous party or that a pickup basketball game is going on down the street. Users have no way of being informed real time on fun events in their vicinity.

Now when other users are close by, if they have basketball set as a favorite, they will automatically get a notification. Their phone buzzes and asks if they want to play. Just RSVP now. We hope this simplifies sports for all of you and helps you have some fun. Well this is just what the Vespyr team is currently working on. And we are close to done. We will be Beta testing this at Georgia Tech starting in the Fall semester. Anyone who is interested, just sign up and be first to get the app when it launches.