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One of the fastest, best ways to be successful is follow in the footsteps of others. Or at least that is what I have been told. Having never achieved this however, I cannot comment on the veracity of this statement.

That being said, I believe it to be true. Currently, my app role model is Jeremy Olson, founder of the app company Tapity. Tapity is best known for its super popular offline translating program Languages.

Successful AppNormally once you have found success models to emulate, you must research their work and strategies thoroughly to discover there path. In our case, we were lucky. Jeremy has two written two articles for the popular online tech blog, Smashing Magazine, describing in detail, the process he went through in ideating, creating, marketing and launching the app. This blueprint has been and will be crucial to Vespyr‘s sport app, 8 Blocks.

Find those people who have achieved what you wished to achieve and learn from the best.