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Guys, the Vespyr Team is pleased to announce that programming for our sports app has been steadily progressing. We have chosen the name 8 Blocks for our app. This symbolizes the 8 block field of view, or one square mile the users will see when surveying the map for fun events to join.

Many of you have been asking for screenshots or UI for the app. I am going to be a tease however. For now you will have to settle for mockups and next time we can talk about the in-and-outs of the user experience.

So guys, I love soccer, or as my European friends like to call it football. Well I got some free time I wanna play. I can create a soccer game or find an existing one from the main search bar.

Local Search

Unfortunately, there are no games going on, so I need to make my own.

Post a Game

Well anyone else who said they like soccer in their preferences, you know what is gonna happen? They are going to get an alert something like this.

Sports Game Alert

Well I’ll be damned. I decided I wanted to play soccer and 10 minutes later I have a full game. Let’s play ball. ARE YOU IN?

We plan to release our revolutionary service starting Fall semester at Georgia Tech for Beta test. Unfortunately, we will only be able to accommodate a set number of students in this preliminary trial phase, so if you wish to be on the list of the first to sign up click here or like us on Facebook.