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I spent last weekend(well it was last weekend when I wrote this) with my family at Lake Martin in Alabama. It was our last real vacation together as a family for quite some time because next weekend I am going to Hamburg, Germany for an internship with Airbus for 6 months. It was great. We were right on the water. We could swim or kayak anytime we wanted. And the place we were staying at did not have any wifi, so it was pretty much a technology and stress free time.

This wasn’t our view, but essentially the same and totally relaxing

To often in life, we get caught up in being productive. Trying to cram every last ounce of effort and work we can into our lives. Our phones are constantly buzzing and we never get to relax. While this is the way the world is, it does not have to be the way we are. Without taking breaks and truly enjoying life…what is the the point? For me, I have been busy working on starting Vespyr. With this, I have been blogging numerous times each day, monitoring our Twitter and Facebook pages and trying to optimize our site’s SEO by building links and sharing it etc. When I wasn’t working on the site, I was reading articles on how to be a better entrepreneur, how to be a better marketer, startup strategies etc. I was always busy with my startup, which I love but the level of effort can not be maintained. As human beings, we all need a break now and again. Allow yourself to have fun and chill without thinking at all about the troubling tasks ahead.

So what exactly is the point of this post? What does it mean for you as entrepreneur? It means you need to play hard if you plan to work hard. By scheduling yourself vacations from work, even if you don’t plan to travel, you are better able to manage your overwhelming 16 hour work days and Raman Noodle meals. For the longevity of your startup business you need to take care of yourself and your fellow co-founders.

Next time I will talk about several of my own personal strategies for dealing with stress.