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Did you know 35 million US kids, aged 5-18 participate in organized sports(source). This is phenomenal. According to 2011 Census Data, there were approximately 79 million children in this age bracket. Forty four percent participation by our youth. America and Americans as a whole need to encourage this. With the overwhelming problem of obesity in our country, sports are a healthy outlet which also encourage team work, leadership, and effort…all qualities of successful workers.

Last post I offered a break down on fans favorite sports to watch. Well here are a few stats on actually sport participation by high school athletes you may like:

High School Sports Numbers Data
Number of boys playing high school soccer 284,000
Number of girls playing high school soccer 209,000
Number of boys playing high school football 1 Million
Number of boys playing high school basketball 500,000

Sorry but I could not find statistics on most sports participation. I did however find the odds for “making it” in said sports.

Odds of Going Pro Odds
Odds of a High School football player making it to the NFL 1 in 6,000
Odds of a High School baseball player making it to MLB 1 in 4,000
Odds of a High School basketball player making it to the NBA 1 in 10,000
Odss of a High School soccer player receiving a full ride to a Div I or II School 1 in 90

Guys let’s make American a better place by playing sports. Obesity would not be a problem of epidemic proportions(no pun intended 🙂) if adults stayed active. Have a freaking AWESOME day!