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Nike got it pretty much spot in with this one. I was recently watching the movie the Millers which was actually a quite funny movie I would totally recommend. But back to the topic at hand.

I learned, or rather had a important life lesson reinforced. I am going to need to put a mini-spoiler in this post to convey the importance, but it should not detract from the plot in any real way To make a long story short, there is this dorky guy and he likes a girl, he wants to kiss her and chickens out. Another guy sees this happen and tells him to follow the “1,2,3 RULE” When you want to do something, but are afraid to do it, count to three and then Just Do It. If you wait any longer you will over think it and blow your chance.

This applies to most areas of life, not just dating. When an opportunity presents itself, give it some thought, decide a course of action and then ACT. To many people see their dreams and lives escape and pass them by because of fear or failure to commit. The number of wantrepreneurs outnumbers the number of true entrepreneurs atleast 10 to 1. Everyone has a dream, an idea, a business proposition but few ever act out these things. They overanalyze and eventually find flaws, whether real or more likely imaginary in their concept. These supposed flaws are more often than not just manifestations of their own self doubts.

I know i have said this before but it bares repeating. Older and wiser people have frequently told me that I and they themselves regret much more the things they did not do, than the mistakes they made.

I hope this post helps at least one person made a big or small life decision to make them happier or more successful. Thanks for listening and if you enjoyed this, follow on Twitter and sign up for the the sports app.