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Also known as the 1% rule, this deals with the nature of people of commitment and engagement. I just saw this quote in conjunction with a lad who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and instead of getting depressed, diseased to fight via exercise and is now symptom free.

“9% of people try something,

1% are truly dedicated,

and 90% wish they were the 1%”

This actually applies to most all group behaviours and actions. For example online, popular humor blog, the Oatmeal with apparently about 5 million readers.

For every superstar entrepreneur/comedian online there are roughly ten times as many who will launch a humor site only to give up a month later when it hasn’t gone viral. Finally, the majority, the 90% like me who died laughing during that video and think we are funny(or want to be funny) but aren’t committed enough to laugh a hilarious business entreprise.

Why do you think gyms sells 3 times as many memberships and possible members they can accomodate during New Years season. Of the 10 percent of the population who decides they want to change and improve their health, body, life…whatever, 9/10 will quit at the first sign of trouble or acceptable excuse.

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