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My grandmother just turned 90 years old two days ago and if you ever met this woman you would absolutely love her. My Ama, as we call her is such an interesting combination of things. She can be frequently be the most stubborn and compulsive person I know, yet also the most friendly and loving. I swear to you, five minutes in a room with this lady and she will know your life story and you will be best friends.

This is Ama

But why am I telling you about my grandmother? There are three amazingly strong qualities this woman possesses that all entrepreneurs should strive for.

1) As previously mentioned, she connects with people instantly. Individuals literally open up to her about their lives, ambitions, dreams and journeys. She is quite genuinely interested and this makes others wish to talk about themselves and open up. You should see her work a garage sale, amazing! Practice truly caring about the people you talk with and you will be surprised by the results.

2) Say it how it is. Ama is blunt! Part of this is getting older and being able to do as you please, but the other part is not worrying what others think. If you do something she displeases or finds rude, she will call your Bullshit. Sometimes we all need to quit messing around and say what needs to be said.

3) Be a fighter. My grandmother is 90 years old and lives on her own. She is so stubborn. If I try to help her up stairs she will smack my hand away, or give me an evil look if she really needs help. Every day she suffers through arthritis and osteoporosis and still she plays cards with all her family and help cook. Life is tough, an entrepreneur’s life is harder still so: “It is time to nut up or shut up.”

I love this lady so much and she means so much to me. I hope that this card loving, book reading maniac helps you even of a fraction of what she has done for me.