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Some of you probably fantasy football. I know I do. Guys from my college freshmen dorm have for the past five years now(holy shit it doesnt feel long ago) have ran a fantasy football league. I have never been all that successful with this, however I do enjoy the competitiveness and managing aspects of it. Should I start this Pierre Garcon or that Justin Blackmon? My tight end Rob Gronkowski is still hurt, what do I do? This guy has been underperforming, should I cut him? And everyone knows the bye week quarterback.

Fantasy Football

Well for the fantasy illiterate I probably sound like I am speaking Chinese and the rest get it, but can’t follow why the hell I am telling you about these issues. Well as Chris Berman of ESPN likes to say “Let me break it down for ya.”

In business, some employees just perform better than others? These are your fantasy starters, the guys you count on in the clutch to deliver victory for your company. Treat your starters like stars, but make sure to coach up your bench player as well.

Don’t you hate it when an employees goes on extended leave? Maternity leave, sick leave, globetrotting vacations…these are a part of life. Happier and healthier workers are more productive so deal with it. If your company collapses because one individual leaves you aren’t doing a very good job. Having safety nets in the form of diverse, multi-talented teams ensures you can stay afloat. Even consider hiring an individual on short term until your stud returns to deliver touchdowns.

If someone isn’t pulling their weight, it may be time to jettison the under performer and work the free agent market. Give the player some time to prove themselves or come out of the slump, but if this doesn’t happen, sorry Charlie.

People love fantasy sports. It gives them the chance to interact with their favorite teams and players and compete against friends but it does more than that. Owners lover fantasy football because they get to feel like they are in control, the boss of their own little business.