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I have been wanting to learn more about business but am pretty busy at the moment. Because of this I have been doing pretty much just what the title says. For those of you new to the blog who don’t know my story, I am currently interning at Airbus in Germany. It is here that I discovered the beauty of the podcast.

There are many times at work where I need to work on CAD(computer aided design) of aircraft wirings. For this a good deal of the mind can turn off and still perform perfectly. I used to just work while listening to music(as most of my colleagues do) but then had an idea. Why not learn something? Take this time and make it more productive for me personally while at the same time delivering the same level of product for my employer.

After some online searches and finding out which sites weren’t blocked, I stumbled across Mitch Joel’s amazing marketing podcast. There is a phenomenal archive of over 380 episodes of more than 30 minutes each. So much informational and inspirational content. Each day I consume more than 2 hours of these radio shows to hope and better myself as an entrepreneur.

If you have some boring, unproductive time why not take advantage of it? The ride to work, going for a run, cleaning the house? BAM! Podcast time. Whatever your interest, there is probably a halfway decent podcast about that to help you fill your menial tasks and mindless garbage.