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For any of you that do not know, I spent this past weekend in London. First of all, London was amazing. I highly recommend visiting if you have the opportunity. Beautiful sights, great culture, and most importantly THE ACCENT! Every one of you knows what I mean, don’t be shy. British accents are a thing of beauty.

In addition to the amazing experiences I had in London, I learned something quite powerful. What I discovered applies equally well to both business and life and is actually something I have heard before. Fake it until you make it. On Saturday, I was amazingly lucky to be able to meet up with a friend of mine(fellow Airbus intern) who was also going London to visit some family friends. We spent a day visiting the British Museum, Westminster, Big Ben and Trafalgar Square. It was phenomenal.

One thing we did to amplify the experience(and cause we are weird) was to talk in British accents the entire time. The best part was that we both have god awful fake British accents. We sound like rubbish. And normally its awkward to try and practice cause you sound like an absolute knob, but with someone else it isn’t as bad. You both look like wankers.


BUT, and here is the thing. By pretending to do something, even if you are terrible at it, you become more comfortable with it. This is the key to life. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you expand both your abilities and confidences. After this trip, both my accent and my confidence in doing it have skyrocketed. For instance, I was shopping in market and the chap asked me if I was Irish.

If your starting a business, ask successful. Your body language and confidence will force others to take your more seriously because you act like have been there before.