Hey guys sorry it has been so long. I just wanted to give you a short update on why I have been so reticent in posting lately. I will try to do a better job keeping this blog up to date.

The past few weeks have been nuts. Leaving Germany and all the friends I made there to return to the States. I gotta say I definitely missed my family at that point and am glad to be home. But before I got to go home, it was off to New York for my family’s annual holiday in New York with our relatives(as you know most of my cousins live in NY).

This Christmas was amazing. We had a family reunion on my dad’s side to celebrate my grandma(Ama’s) 90th birthday. The outpouring of love and friends who came to her surprise party was truly inspirational. If you do anything in life, make sure you make an impact on others.

After amazing times shooting guns, playing laser tag, and rocking the family card games I was finally able to return home nearly 8 months after leaving. We had a new car, my dog was on anxiety meds, and my room was totally transformed. What had happened? Remember the world waits for no one so take advantage of every day.

During all this time and for about a month before leaving Germany I have been working on my online RC Boats business. RemotorBoater.com is a personal project of mine to gain important skills as businessman, ecommerce entrepreneur, and web developer. I hope to parlay this into a possible position with TechStars as an Associate following my graduation this May.

Sorry about the lame style of the post but well shit happens right, there is my last two months.