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Progress Update

Hey guys just thought we should give you a bit of an update on the team and the app. So after a whirlwind of successes, failures, trials and tribulations we are getting some pretty decent progress. Our stud programmer Stephen and our pseudo-coder Iyed have been hard at work churning out the lines of code and killing the costly bugs familiar to any developer.

With working to build Project SpeakMe which is tentatively being called Alfred(after the awesome Batman butler to the Wayne family) is coming along nicely. The Twitter plugin for the app will currently allow users to have their Twitter feeds read to them and can respond, reply or favor them hands free with the power of speech. Simultaneous to this the team is creating a hands free news and sports reader plugin for commuters fed up with talk radio and the ever awful Top 40.

Atlanta Tech Village


The biggest struggle we are currently facing is the unfortunate lack of funds and credible coders. Having failed miserably to motivate pro bono Android developers we now know we need a small amount of seed funding to accelerate the progress and help the people take control of their smartphones.

Today we spent the afternoon visiting the Atlanta Tech Village and are in the process of considering pursuing the alluring Student Fund for collegiate entrepreneurs. With this our team would receive the guidance and support of David Cummings and the Atlanta Ventures community in addition to a $10k round of risk free funding to fuel our endeavors. As we ponder our options I will attempt to keep everyone up to date with our first true venture into the Wild West of business.

We would love to hear your stories or opinions about raising capital in the comments section. Our goal is to bootstrap as much as possible but we really want to get out product out to the users as quickly as possible.